Power Washing in San Antonio

Using heated water to remove tough dirt and other build-ups on hard surfaces

Power Washing in San Antonio V.S Pressure Washing in San Antonio

Power washing in San Antonio isn’t much of a difference from regular pressure washing

What makes power washing different is using heated water to clean rather than normal temperature water.

Why might we use power washing instead of pressure washing here in San Antonio?

The main reason for using power washing over pressure washing is to get rid of stubborn and hard-to-remove oil build-ups, gum, and many other stains and debris.

While you can use regular pressure washing to remove those stubborn build-ups, it’s not as effective and can take much longer. 

Without heat to easily remove these hard builds, regular pressure washing can damage your surface due to too much exposure to pressure.

In order to remove hard-to-remove stains and build-ups, you need heat to loosen everything up. 

Once these particles are loosened from the heat, it makes it much more effective to remove and clean the area.

There’s a right time and place for power washing. We don’t always recommend power washing in San Antonio unless it’s necessary.

Power washing can be as damaging as pressure washing if you don’t do it correctly.

The best time to use heated water from a power washer is when you want to kill organic matter such as mold, mildew, algae and many other bacteria.

If your property has organic build-ups or hard-to-remove build-ups such as :

  • dirt
  • gum
  • grimes
  • oil
  • tough stains
  • mold
  • mildew
  • algae
  • bacteria

We would recommend power washing. It will be much more effective to clean your property.

Power Wash Only On Hard Srufaces

When it comes to choosing which cleaning method is best for your property, it comes down to which method will be the most effective without doing damage to your property. Pressure washing can take care of almost all surfaces, but we recommend power washing on hard surfaces that can withstand both heat and pressure. 

Never pressure wash on roofswindows, or soft surfaces that can melt. Learn more from our blog.

We take proper precautions, know how to set the right pressure, and have the experience to know what will be the best solution for your property.

Giving you a better understanding of the differences in the pressure cleaning methods makes it easier for us to communicate what’s best for you.

You can always get us to give you guidance at 830-456-0991

LookExterior is The Power Washing Company in San Antonio For All Your Cleaning Needs

LookExterior Power Washing Services in San Antonio Helps With

Gum Removal on Surfaces

If the gum is old and hard to remove, using heated water with the right pressure will melt and blast the gum out from the hard surfaces without doing damage to your property. The older the gum the more we’ll need heat to remove.

Old Oil Removal On Surfaces

Oil can be difficult to remove with pressure washing only. We need to apply heated water to the pressure washer. The heat will melt the oil and the pressure will allow us to remove it from the hard surface.

Dirt Build Ups

Dirt can build up in crevasses and hard to reach places. Pressure alone won’t clean too well. Apply heated water will breakdown the dirt and cause them to rise. Once they have risen we’re able to wash them away with ease and little to no pressure.

Mold & Mildew Build Ups

Regular pressure washing in San Antonio will only reduce the amount of mold and mildew. This causes mold and mildew to come back much quicker. We want to eliminate them completely. With heated water, it kills mold and mildew and not just blow it away.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are vulnerable to large amounts of dirt, mold, algae, and bacteria build-ups from severe storms and moist weather. To effectively clean a retaining wall, it’s fine to just use pressure washing. But the heat from a power washer would be more effective.

Algea Build Up From Pools

Pools are a perfect breeding ground for algae, mold, bacteria, and dirt. With power washing, we’re able to use heated water to kill the bio build-ups. We want to be quick and effective. Too much pressure for too long can damage your pool’s surfaces such as ceramic and porcelain.

Power Washing The Right Way With Safety Measures

Power washing should only be done by a professional who can handle the equipment safely and correctly. The heat and amount of pressure can be dangerous and damaging to the user if not handled correctly.

If you’re looking for a power washing company in San Antonio, make sure to go with a company that takes serious safety measures before working on your property.

Proper inspection and observation of your property is crucial to doing the job right the first time.

With a good precaution and preliminary inspection before starting any project, we’re able to customize a pressure cleaning solution just for you.

We want to avoid any costly damage and give you the best customer service.

Cleaning your property shouldn’t result in more problems. Get the best power washing in San Antonio with LookExterior.

We’re dedicated to making your Exterior look good again!

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Is Power Washing in San Antonio Right For You?

If power washing doesn’t make sense for your property, we will let you know.

Most residential property will get great clean results with just pressure washing alone. It’s usually the commercial property that we suggest to opt-in for power washing.

Commercial properties with parking lots, sidewalk strips, and parking garages will need power washing. The amount of oils stains, dirt, and gum within the surrounding area is quite large and will need to removed with power washing. Regular pressure washing could work, but it’ll put your property at more risk for damage.

When Would It Be Good For Residential Property To Get Power Wash?

For homeowners, power washing as an option depends on:
  • Size of your property?
  • What areas do you want cleaning?
  • How long has it been since you last had your Exterior cleaned?
  • What type of dirt, mold, mildew, algae, or other debris that’s being built-up on your property?
If the exterior is difficult to clean, we will suggest power washing to you. We want to give you the most efficient and effective method of cleaning for the best results.

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